Mig Mig 米曲米曲_久藏

    • 產區:  西班牙 D.O. Emporda 安普達 (法定產區)
    • 葡萄: 50% Garnatxa 格納希 / 50% Marselan 瑪瑟蘭

    • 熟成: 10個月橡木桶(法國桶)
    • 酒精: 14%
    • 酒評:  “Designed with the authenticity of the old Red Grenache vines and the aromatic elegance and body of Marselan, MigMig is a wine of contrasts.Tradition and modernity. Experience and knowledge. To imagine is to move towards new horizons.”More than a new wine, MigMig (“Fifty-Fifty” in Catalan) is a new concept of wine. Two opposite values, face to face! 50% Red Grenache – pure tradition – and 50% Marselan – pure innovation, because it is an experimental variety not covered by the DO Empordà. A new limited edition of La Vinyeta, with ten months’ ageing in Demptos Essencia TM FR casks. An intersection of two perpendicular directions, represented by two pictures of street nameplates.One bottle, two faces, like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Light versus dark background, ceramic plate versus metal plate, serif typeface versus sans serif…
    • 最佳適飲溫度: 16~18